2023 Line-up

Cette année, Herbe Bleue voit plus grand : Une deuxième scène, dans les bois (« Billy »), accueillera des invités-surprises -annoncés le jour-même- pour des mini-concerts de 20 mn. entre les groupes programmés sur la scène principale « Jenny »

Concerts & Conférences

Aug. 10th 18:30

Yodelin’ Kik & Rattlesnake Joe. Performers of traditional North American acoustic music, these two acolytes will take you on a journey from the Appalachian mountains to the plains of the Great West, passing through the swamps of the south through a repertoire based on vocal harmonies, guitar and mandolin.


Aug. 10th 20:00

Sweet Joe Pye & Lucas Henri

Sweet Joe Pye and Lucas Henri explore traditional Appalachian music in dynamic new arrangements.
Fascinated as much by the rich stories of old ballads as by the melodies and pulsations of fiddle tunes, this trio revisits these diverse genres to weave unexpected links. Having traveled old-times and bluegrass scenes in the United States, Canada, France and the Netherlands, Annick, Lucas and Henri take the stage as a trio for the first time at the Festival Herbe Bleue to share their varied repertoire in an original program of arrangements and improvisations.


Aug. 10th 21:30

Blue Lass

Blue Lass is a group of five musicians (acoustic guitar, fiddle, mandolin, double bass and clawhammer banjo) playing a combination of traditional bluegrass and old songs and instruments. Their music sounds raw and organic and their sets range from high-energy instrumentals to moody songs that transport the listener into their stories.

Their music sounds raw and organic and their sets range from high-energy instrumentals to moody songs that transport the listener into their stories.

Their dynamic performance, each stepping up to the mic to improvise a solo, gives their shows an authentic vintage feel.


Aug. 11th 16:30

Phil Jamison conference : The American Square Dance: The French Connection

The American square dance has often been portrayed as Anglo-Celtic heritage from the British Isles. These dances, however, are a uniquely American hybrid that developed during the nineteenth century, and like American folk music, they reflect not only the history, but the racial and ethnic diversity of the United States. In this presentation, we will discuss the multicultural roots and historical development of these dances and identify the contributions of earlier British, African, Native American, and most-significantly, French dance forms that combined to make them uniquely American.


Aug. 11th 19:30

Carte blanche to Arianna Monteverdi (feat. Julianne Joe)

Arianna Monteverdi explores through her compositions a folk and Americana repertoire, more rock recently. It is the multicultural richness constitutive of this music, and all the photographic and filmographic imagination which is linked to it, which led her to embrace these influences. About ten years ago, she discovered Old-Time music, and then fell in love with the clawhammer banjo, fascinated by its hypnotic groove, and its melodic complementarity with the fiddle. It was during the Rencontres Old-Time in Auvergne that she met Julianne Joe, another French indie folk-rock singer, and an excellent fiddler. Julianne is a prolific composer and self-taught musician. His voice with moving Celtic accents, and his powerful guitar and banjo playing oscillates between a delicate and airy folk and a more nervous blues-rock which takes us to the side of Ireland and the United States.


Aug. 11th 21:00

Jurassic Grass is a Bluegrass group born in 2021 in Toulouse invoking the folk and old time inclinations of bluegrass, by making small detours by some compositions in French. Two guitars, a banjo, three voices, give a new place to the pieces and explore folk lands of diminished chords.


Aug. 11th 22:30

SLO County Stumblers : Old-time, California style !!!

Coproduction with La Roche Bluegrass festival France


Aug. 12th 16:30

Camille Moreddu – lecturer

Camille will look back on her meeting 10 years ago in the archives of the Library of Congress with folk music specialist Sidney Robertson, heroine of his book "The Inventors of American Folk Music". She will share her fascination for Sydney's journey and reveal some crisp anecdotes of her adventures on the American roads of the 1930s and her encounter with local musicians: lumberjacks from Wisconsin, workers from Appalachia, Armenian bistros and gold diggers from California. .


Aug. 12th 19:30

Todd Day Wait

©Sylvain Garderes


Aug. 12th 21:00

Boom Ditty

Boom Ditty performs Bluegrass music, but does not impose musical boundaries and takes all the paths of Folk Americana music. Between humor and stories, the lyrics are inspired by family, nature and current society.


Aug. 12th 22:30

Bal OldTime Phil Jameson w/ House Band


Aug. 13th 12:00

Gospel Hour


Aug. 13th 14:00

Watson Bridge


Aug. 13th 15:30

Open Stage

Les artistes seront annoncés le jour-même.

Surprises !!!!

Aug. 13th 18:00


Three remarkably accomplished young musicians come together in T’Monde, the Louisiana phenomenon that Offbeat Magazine has called “a creative fusion of classic country and out-of-the-way Cajun.” With a combined 10 Grammy nominations between members Drew Simon, Megan Constantin, and Kelli Jones, T’Monde brings influences ranging from early Country music to ancient French and Creole ballads to present day Cajun music. Whether it be with their instruments or their voices, these three continue to showcase their unique sound that is unmatched in Cajun music today.


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