For its 5th year, Herbe Bleue spoils us: concerts (in the fields and in the city), jams (aaaah jams!), workshops, residencies, screenings, "Off", open-mic, Gospel Hour... everything you've acclaimed in the past years & so much more!

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10 aout 17:30 Yodelin’ Kik & Rattlesnake Joe

10 aout 20:00 Sweet Joe Pye & Lucas Henri

10 aout 21:30 Blue Lass

11 aout 16:30 Phil Jamison conference

11 aout 19:30 Arianna Monteverdi

11 aout 21:00 Jurassic Grass

11 aout 22:30 SLO County Stumblers

12 aout 16:30 Conférence Camille Moreddu

12 aout 19:30 Todd Day Wait

12 aout 21:00 Boom Ditty

12 aout 22:30 Bal OldTime Phil Jameson

13 aout 12:00 Gospel Hour

13 aout 14:00 Watson Bridge

13 aout 15:30 Open Stage

13 aout 18:00 T’Monde

 Born from the will of a few musicians and from the privileged situation of the Baugeois, Herbe Bleue proposes to combine terroir and arts by organizing music concerts Old Time, Bluegrass & Cajun, some "OFF", in unusual places, scattered over the territory: farms, barns, fields, village squares to enjoy nature and the long summer days.

In 2022 Herbe Bleue has outdone itself by maintaining its programming despite the last-minute relocation due to the fires ravaging our surroundings. The festival-goers and early-bird campers, the musicians, the technical teams, catering, accommodation, support and all their equipment had to be moved in less than 48 hours: a feat achieved thanks to the precious help of everyone, without any hitch. A resounding success hailed by the Baugeois, the transhumant public and artists who sometimes come from very far away – USA, UK, Belgium, Netherlands…- and, of course, our partners.

2021 : The project was widely acclaimed by festival-goers from all over France (covid obliges) only by musicians and aficionados. A great support from all confirms the idea of ​​bringing together in Anjou artists from all backgrounds and influences, local and traveling audiences and the many amateurs, both experienced and beginners, of these musical currents.

2020 : The health rules in force have somewhat damaged the planned organization but the line-up has been maintained and everyone has asked for more!

2019 At the end of their residency in Cour du Liège, the Beardy Birds and some guests played several tracks in front of neighbours and other residents : all were thrilled and encouraged us to go one step beyond a year later. This saw the 1st edition of the Herbe Bleue adventure to introduce Bluegrass music to visitors and the local community.