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The festival Herbe Bleue is still young and weakened by the events of its previous editions (covid, confinement, fires, etc.). Once again, this year we are taking up the challenge of continuing to celebrate and share on a friendly scale. But despite the courage and inventiveness shown by our volunteer organization team:


Sharing music and smiles in the idyllic setting of the Anjou hinterland.

Whether you are a member of an organization, a public service, a stay-at-home dad, a farmer, a fifties, a traveler, an employee, a bon vivant, an opinion leader, a biker, a nurse, a hypster, a president of the republic, a dreamer or a union member:


Donate time and experience: we count on you

Roll up your sleeves and squeeze the brains if you are a webmaster, community manager, logistician, PR, photographer, carpenter, handyman, commercial, cook or simply if you know how to carry a heavy thing from one place to another... Join our team of volunteers! On the web or on site, there is plenty to do 😉

At stake: Pure happiness and eternal recognition 😉

Give cash
because artists also eat

Since the beginnings of Herbe Bleue, we have wanted to remunerate the artists and many expenses are incompressible (rental of sound and light equipment, printing of posters and flyers, web hosting, catering for artists and volunteers, etc.). Entrance in 2023 will be chargeable, but to ensure the lowest possible price, we need to find resources elsewhere: this is where you come in! Various sponsorship schemes, aids or other cash contributions are available HERE.

Give your energy
we also need encouragement

You are ON and have a wide network: thank you for relaying our posts blog, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc … in short, preach the good word around you right now.

And you can also join our association:

Adhérer à l’association Cour du Liège, porteuse de l’aventure Herbe Bleue, c’est entrer de plein pied dans un groupe actif œuvrant pour la diffusion culturelle en milieu rural :

Thank you in advance for sending us a note to offer your help. :

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